Nov 22 The Long Shadow (A Frances Causey Film)

11/22/2019 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM GMT-07:00
  • Free
From New Orleans to Virginia, Mississippi and Canada, The Long Shadow follows two
white Southern filmmakers as they travel the roads of oppression and suppression to
reveal the connections of slavery and strong-arm Southern politics to the current racial
strife in America. The film is a disturbing story about the lingering human cost of
ignorance, intolerance and inaction in the US, casting a long shadow over our national
identity and imperfect democracy. SUGGESTED DONATION $ 10.00

"This hard-hitting film, depicting the history of racism in this country, will be shown on PBS nationally in January or February. Frances Causey, producer and director, will be at this special viewing to respond to questions afterwards. Join us for this special event."

Dec 13, 2019 Mining Heritage of the Borderlands

12/13/2019 01:30 PM - 03:00 PM GMT-07:00
  • Free
Local historian Dan Judkins will share the history of mining in the Pimería Alta (Arizona-Sonora Borderlands) beginning in the Spanish period. The presentation will highlight the 1736 discovery of the planchas de plata (silver slabs) at Rancho Arizona, a few miles southwest of today's Nogales, Sonora, and the ensuing frenzy of mining activity in the area.

This talk will touch on the legends associated with "lost Jesuit treasure" and the "treasures of Tumacácori." Primary source accounts on the area's mineral richness by Forty-Niners who passed down the Santa Cruz Valley as well as their later efforts to develop silver mines in Southern Arizona will be discussed. This presentation also offers an opportunity to learn about the history of several of the most-prolific area mines: Mowry's Patagonia mine, the Salero mine and Hacienda Santa Rita, the Sópori silver mine, the Heintzelman mine at Cerro Colorado, and Ruby and the Oro Blanco mining district.

The Borderlands Forum series of classes and workshops offered by BCA seeks to promote understanding and appreciation of the borderlands as a cross-cultural, binational resource. The forum provides focus, energy and quality to the educational mission of Border Community Alliance. Our aim is to be a clear, strong voice advocating mutual respect for the cultural diversity of the US-Mexico border region.

Border Community Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Tubac, Arizona. BCA's mission is bridging the border and fostering community through education, collaboration and cultural exchange.

Suggested Donation $10.00

BCA Winter/Spring Round-up (FAQ's)

01/09/2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM GMT-07:00
  • Free
Interested in traveling to Mexico? Do you want to know more about Hispanic culture, the Borderlands Region, US Immigration Policy? We cordially invite you to join us for this free information session to answer your questions and preview nonprofit BCA's upcoming Winter/Spring borderlands programming!

Also, be sure to ask us about tour tour to Spain!

At this FAQ event, we'll answer questions about what you need to know about crossing into Mexico. We'll also give you a chance to sign up for our tours, classes and events and learn about what's coming next year.

Last year BCA led some 45 tours to Sonora Mexico, with more than 600 guests. Our mission is "Bridging the Border and fostering community through education, collaboration and cultural exchange." Our values are respect, social investment and long-term relationships. We strive to demonstrate what it means to be a good neighbor!

Border Community Alliance, INC,  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Tubac, Arizona. Our classes and events are held in various locations in Green Valley, Tubac, Nogales and Patagonia. Our mailing address is PO Box 1863, Tubac, AZ 85646 and our office is located at 2221 E Frontage Rd., Suite F-201/202. Please visit our website for more information. .

Jan 14, 2020 Breakfast and the Border

01/14/2020 08:30 AM - 10:00 AM GMT-07:00
  • $20.00  -  BCA Members
  • $25.00  -  BCA non-member
With William Beezley, Ph.D.
“How Mexico Sees Itself, and How We Should See Mexico: Examples from Popular Culture”
Location: Grill on the Greens Restaurant, Canoe Golf Resort

Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Time: 8:30 – 10:00 am
Cost: $20 (BCA members) and $25 (non-members)

Please join us for our annual breakfast meeting with special guest, Dr. William Beezley.
For the last 21 years, Beezley has served as Professor of History at the University of Arizona with a special focus on Mexican history and popular culture. Dr. Beezley has authored dozens of books on Mexico, including serving as editor-in-chief for the recently published Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture (2019).
Beezley has long been interested in the ways Mexicans enjoy and celebrate life, and has long asserted that Mexican national identity has been forged not by a self-anointed elite but rather by a disparate mix of ordinary people and everyday events. He believes it is important for citizens in this country and region to better understand the history of Mexican culture. “Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are becoming an increasing large percentage of the U.S. population and are becoming an increasing visible part of the culture and I am confident that in the future Mexican independence will be as widely celebrated as St. Patrick's Day,” Beezley said.
For many residents of Southern Arizona as well as public television viewers across the country, Dr. Beezley will be easily recognized through his frequent appearances as an-camera expert for 16 episodes of the PBS-produced “The Desert Speaks” and “In the Americas” television programs.
In all of his work, Beezley asserts, “I want to know how Mexicans define themselves and their culture and I had a good time doing it.” All of us at BCA hope you will join us to hear Dr, Beezley, learn more about Mexican culture, and above all, have a good time doing it!

Jan. 17, 2020: Celluloid Pueblo Presentation

01/17/2020 01:30 PM - 03:00 PM GMT-07:00
  • $15.00  -  BCA Members
  • $20.00  -  Non Members
Border Community Alliance in collaboration with Tubac Presidio State Historic Park invites you to join us for this special presentation by University of Arizona Professor Jennifer Jenkins on her recently published book, Celluloid Pueblo that has a special connection to the Santa Cruz Valley.

The five Cs of Arizona—copper, cattle, cotton, citrus, and climate—formed the basis of the state’s livelihood and a readymade roster of subjects for films. With an eye on the developing national appetite for all things western, Charles and Lucile Herbert founded Western Ways Features in 1936 to document the landscape, regional development, and diverse cultures of Arizona, the U.S. Southwest, and northern Mexico.

Celluloid Pueblo tells the story of Western Ways Features and its role in the invention of the Southwest of the imagination. Active during a thirty-year period of profound growth and transformation, the Herberts created a dynamic visual record of the region, and their archival films now serve as a time capsule of the Sunbelt in the mid-twentieth century. Drawing upon a ten-year career with Fox, Western Ways owner-operator Charles Herbert brought a newshound’s sensibility and acute skill at in-camera editing to his southwestern subjects. The Western Ways films provided counternarratives to Hollywood representations of the West and established the regional identity of Tucson and the borderlands.

Jennifer L. Jenkins’s broad-sweeping book examines the Herberts’ work on some of the first sound films in the Arizona borderlands and their ongoing promotion of the Southwest. The book covers the filmic representation of Native and Mexican lifeways, Anglo ranching and leisure, Mexican missions and tourism, and postwar borderlands prosperity and progressivism. The story of Western Ways closely follows the boom-and-bust arc of the midcentury Southwest and the constantly evolving representations of an exotic—but safe and domesticated—frontier.

Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the presentation.

Jennifer Jenkins is Professor of English and Director of the Bear Canyon Center for Southwest Humanities at the University of Arizona. She works at the intersections of literature, film, archives, and Southwest studies.
Tickets: $20 (BCA members $15) at event. Seating is limited, please call Tubac Presidio at 520-398-2252 for reservations.

Feb 6, 2020 Let's Speak Spanish Organizational Mtg

02/06/2020 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM GMT-07:00
  • Free
“Let’s Speak Spanish” Organizational Meeting
Location: United Methodist Church of Green Valley, 300 W Esperanza Blvd, Green Valley, AZ 85614
Date: Thursday, February 6, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Cost: No charge for the organizational meeting. (The six-week conversation sessions following the
organizational meeting will cost $60 for BCA members and $80 for non-members.)
Maximum registration: 60
Program Description: (BELOW)
“Let’s Speak Spanish” is a six-week group conversation program designed to help adult learners in the
Borderlands exercise Spanish language skills. February 6 is a free organizational meeting to introduce
this program to anyone interested.
During the organizational meeting, BCA leadership and staff will introduce the program facilitators and
provide a program overview, including a sneak peek at the instructional videos and study aids that will
be used to prepare for each weekly conversation session. Before closely, the times and locations of the
weekly meetings will be announced, and you will have an opportunity to register for one of the sessions.
For the 2020 winter term of this program, two groups will meet at the BCA offices in Tubac, and at least
one group will meet at the United Methodist Church of Green Valley. Please register for the
organizational meeting on February 6 online as space is limited. Each group will be limited to
approximately 12 learners.
Please note that “Let’s Speak Spanish” is not designed to provide a formal classroom experience for learning
Spanish. Rather, the program is intended as way for interested Spanish learners to exercise language skills in an
interactive environment and eliminate common roadblocks to building competence in conversation. Participants
are encouraged to combine this program with other Spanish learning opportunities, including formal classes,
online programs and apps, personal tutoring, and other learning formats.

Mar. 2 & 9, 2020: The Music of Migration

03/02/2020 09:30 AM - 11:00 AM GMT-07:00
  • $30.00  -  BCA Members
  • $40.00  -  Non Members
The Music of Migration is a two-day seminar dedicated to the musicians and songwriters who focus on international migration. Through video, audio and printed materials, we’ll experience the courage, struggles and achievements of those who are forced to escape the horrific conditions of their home countries. At times the music will be heart wrenching, but surprisingly often it will also be sprightly and uplifting. This will not be a lecture; instead it will be a direct exchange of insights and observations by the seminar participants themselves. Please be prepared to read the written material between the first and second sessions. The seminar’s facilitators Russ and Blyth Carpenter, are experienced teachers, authors, and presenters, with deep experience in border issues.
NeonCRM by Neon One