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Even before the death of Padre Kino in 1711, members of the O’odham tribe made their way to Magdalena as a spiritual journey connecting them with the land and their ancestors. Located 60 miles south of the US-Mexico Border, Magdalena is now a pilgrimage destination for seekers from many cultures, culminating each year with the east of St. Francis on October 4. 

This presentation will explore some of the richness of the O’odham tradition based on personal participation and appreciative insights as scholar/observer. Seth Schermerhorn, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Hamilton College, New York, and author of the book “Walking to Magdalena: Personhood and Place in Tohono O’odham Songs, Sticks and Stories” (University of Nebraska Press, 2019). 

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Dr. Schermerhorn Completed his doctorate at Arizona State University based on extensive field research with the Tohono O’odham Tribe, including walking with tribal members five times on the annual journey. 

Please make your reservation by calling the Tubac Presidio at 520-398-2252 
Tickets: $20 Nonmember / $15 BCA member at event.

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