When I invite our guests to join us in Oaxaca, I am sharing my family’s home, traditions, history, and our deep love for our Zapotec culture. We offer a very unique perspective, one that our guests can appreciate immediately when they arrive in Oaxaca. We meet person-to-person with members of our community, we hear their voices and share their stories. Through artisan workshop visits and home cooked meals we’ll meet the people who are the soul of Oaxaca.  
We are proud to be the leading indigenous travel program to come from Teotitlan del Valle, and we have the added distinction of being recognized by the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, the New York Times, and the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe. My family and I were the first Zapotec weavers to have a solo exhibition in Oaxaca’s Textile Museum and we have contributed our unique artist materials to the Forbes Pigment Collection, the world-renowned collection of Harvard University’s Fogg Art Museum. 
Oaxaca is a land of tradition, ancient arts, creativity and change. The capital, Oaxaca de Juárez, is a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with old Spanish churches and solid stone buildings, yet it hosts a thriving contemporary art scene and is home to wonderfully innovative projects that connect traditional ways with the modern world. The villages of the Central Valleys are deeply rooted ancient Zapotec communities. Our ancestors were one of the first to cultivate corn and may have created the first written language of the Americas thousands of years ago. In this trip you will focus on one of the region’s most important villages, Teotitlán del Valle, and explore the connections which bind it to the rest of the communities in the region.    Our exclusive travel program offers a taste of the ancient and contemporary, the seemingly permanent and the dynamically changing. Our hosts, my family, will introduuce us to ancient rituals inherited through generations and demonstrate how our work speaks to modern times. And with visits to places like the Oaxacan Textile Musem and San Agustin Arts Center we’ll get a taste of the cutting edge pulse of this ancient place. ~ Porfirio Gutíerrez

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