Event Description

The intention of this rural tourism opportunity is to provide tour guests with a chance to be immersed in traditional Northern Mexican agricultural life. We will be traveling to the eastern or "old colonial" Sonora river valley which bestowed the name to this northern Republic of Mexico state. This river valley was also the route and northern conduit for the first European explorers of the area such as Cabeza de Vaca, Estaban the Moor, Fray Marcos de Niza, and Coronado. This two-night tour will be based out of the gorgeous mid valley town of Banamichi, where we will stay at the historic La Posada del Rio Sonora. Tour highlights will include a trip to Arizpe and its outstanding Jesuit Cathedral, a town once the capital of the entire north of New Spain during Spanish colonial times. Also included will be visits to the downriver communities of Huepac and Aconchi and their respective missions dating back to the 17th century. In Aconchi, there will be an opportunity to visit the newly renovated famous thermal agua caliente springs below the Sierra de Aconchi. We will also visit a natural building homestead along the river to learn about traditional earthen architecture and Sonoran Desert ecology.  Last but certainly not least, we will enjoy and be surrounded by the local gastronomy, la cocina Sonorense. 


NOTE: After meeting in Nogales, Arizona we will immediately walk across the border to load the van and begin our journey. An orientation will be given as we travel. 



CANCELLATION POLICY: Unfortunately, we are not able to return tour fees unless notice of cancellation is received 14 days or more before the tour, except in cases of illness or emergency. Tour participants may be able to change the date of their two-night, depending on availability. If the person does not want to take this option then the fee will returned by check within 3 weeks with the subtraction of a 5% fee.


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