Mexico Earthquake Relief

Dear Friends,

News of a second earthquake in Mexico came with devastating pictures of a collapsed school near Mexico City and reports of frantic parents, looking for their children in the rubble.

We see the pictures, we read the stories, and now here’s a way to respond.

When the news of the earthquake came, our Mexican partner organization, FESAC, asked us to work with them to provide a channel for those who want to make a tax-deductible donation with maximum potential.

FESAC identified the Carlos Slim Foundation as that channel. They are not only a reliable organization but they promise to multiply the value of every dollar given.

The Carlos Slim Foundation pledges to give $5 for earthquake relief for every $1 donated – an amazing boost for even the smallest gift! In addition, they arranged for free cell phone service in their network so that family members could get in touch with each other.  Their generosity is inspiring!

· Your donation of $10 becomes a gift of $60 to aid the victims of this tragedy.

· Your donation of $100 becomes a gift of $600.

· Your donation of $1000 becomes a gift of $6000.

To make your tax-deductible gift, knowing that your donation will be boosted by the Foundation, click on the donate button below and complete the form on the next page.

After entering your information, select “Mexico Pass Thru” and the campaign “Earthquake Relief”.

Together, you and I can make a huge difference in the lives of those affected by this tragedy!



Jerry P Haas

Executive Director and Co-chair

P.S. If you need any assistance, contact me at